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2018, 6 x custom music player and 1 x custom controller
client work
A mixed media modern artist Atsushi asked me possible solution for a portable sorround system that he can use for his music persormance outdoor. I proposed full battery driven system with 1 x main Rasbberry Pi and 6 x Raspberry Pi zero. Thanks to Ableton Link as a timing library, all RPi devices in private local network can playback Atsushi's surround sound composition precisely. The main RPi has a touch panel controller for realtime playback control and monitoring network status. A mouse & keyboard on the photo are used for setting up perpose, not for performance. Originally we plan to use Bluetooth connection between mobile speaker and RPi zero but due to connection instablity we used pHAT DAG for A/D convertion and stable wired audio connection.

Concept : Atsushi Fukunaga, Software & Hardware : Hiroshi Matoba

Link Player
Link Player